What is a Mirror Will?

Many Solicitors and Will writing firms still rely on making Mirror/basic Wills. Clients will visit a firm and say I want just a simple Mirror/basic Will! Everything to each other and then to my children Simple! What they actually mean is I want a Will, but I don’t want to pay much.

The solicitors and Will writers who know no better or can’t be bothered take the clients instructions without trying to educate them as to what they are actually getting in their basic Mirror Will. 

When the family of the deceased query the decisions made at these original meetings they are met with  “I was just taking the clients Instructions not giving advice”.

We at DB Consultancy believe that even if we just make you a basic Mirror Will it’s our duty to explain what the other options are before you make your decision.

What is a Mirror Will ?

A basic Mirror Will allows you to appoint Executors/Trustees and Guardians in your Will. So that if the worst happens and your children are left orphaned you have a guardian to look after them.

If you haven’t made a Will the local authority or family court would decide who the guardians would be no matter what your family said. They may even stay wards of the court.

Furthermore, a basic Mirror Will also sets up a trust for money that comes from your estate if passing to minor children, but this ceases at the age of 18 when they would inherit.

And That’s it. 

Except that all your assets pass directly to your beneficiaries absolutely. Sounds Great Doesn’t it. Perfect! Just what I wanted!


Before you go off congratulating yourself for what you’ve done, what other questions could you have asked?

  • Can I lose my home if we go into care?
  • What happens when the first of us passes and my partner gets remarried? Is the estate definitely going to pass to the children? Can my partner make a new Will?
  • If my children get divorced but have inherited or will inherit from me, can their partner take this money in any divorce settlement?
  • If my partner or children are in financial difficulty can the creditors take the inheritance that I leave them?
  • If I pay inheritance tax when I pass, and the money goes to my family directly will they ever pay tax again on the same money? 
  • Will we pay inheritance tax?

These are just a few of the questions I would have asked if you had made a Will with us. If you were not asked these questions you should show your current Wills to us to review at no cost. We will give you an honest appraisal so you know where you stand.

Why spend your whole life building your families wealth and assets and not have it protected! This is potentially the most important document you will ever make so make sure it’s done right.

Remember it’s not about having a will. It’s about having the right will.

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